II World War Tour

2 hours
50 EUR/
When you passing by Dnipro river from airport to Kyiv city center, the monumental "Motherland statue" catching your eyes! The monument is a part of II World War Complex and it is 102 meters high!

The territory of the complex is 10 hectares and includes: military weapons and equipment of the 1940th, the bowl "Flame of glory", museum with collection of relicts(more then 400.000 exhibits!) and Motherland statue, sculptural and high relief compositions and Avenue of the cities-heroes!
1 guest
+for a group more then 4 persons price will be negotiated
55 EUR/
60 EUR/
2 guests
3 guests
More then 22 million people already visited it, so its worth it!

Second World War tour options

Hotel pick-up
Guide will pick you up in hotel with taxi and drive to II WW Museum
Entrance to Museum
Tickets are included into the price
Motherland Statue
We gonna enjoy panoramic view on Kyiv from viewing platform on Motherland Statue!
World War II Weapons
Real weapons from the war, tanks, airplanes where you can get in!
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