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One of the wonders of the Kiev Rus medieval, Kiev Pechersk Lavra indeed represents both religious and cultural treasure. Sacred spiritual place, magnificent East European temples and monuments of 11-18 centuries can be found there.

Established during Prince Yaroslav The Wise reigning years, Kiev Pechersk Lavra's rightfully been named Virgin Maiden Third Sanctuary. It's another name The Whole Rus Athos. Being a novitiate, the future prior for Pechersk cavern monastery Antony had traveled to Greek Athos as a pilgrim and there had been blessed by its hegumen on sacred cloistral practicing. He had returned to Kiev with blessing and start his service in cave on Pechersk hill. Already about 1000 years from that period it has been unwavering shelter for his acolytes and continues to be a sacred place for each Orthodox on our planet.

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Transfer and tickets
Your guide will pick you up with a taxi in city center or your hotel. Tickets to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra are included in the price
Unique Kyiv Pechersk Cave Monastery Complex
Oldest and biggest cave monastery, more then 100 mummies of saint monks, 14 orthodox churches, men's monastery and 7 museums in same place.
Museum of Microminiatures
You will be amazed with exibits here, like smallest book in the world and shoed flea. Its in Top TripAdvisor museum, so worth to visit it while your are in Kyiv.
English speaking guide
Interesting stories and legends about Lavra and outstanding personalities engaged with this Orthodox heritage

At first, written sources said about lavras' caves at the XII ages. That name occurred in such a prominent volume as Nestors' Chronicle. Many centuries the caverns had represented unique place for praying and sacred ascetic monks' deeds. During all the historic periods the underground complex has served also as vault of the holy things and the fortress for Kiev citizens especially in years of riots, foreign interventions and peoples' uprisings.

The centuries of peaceful activity and war tragedies passed by, and after 1990 Kyiv Pechersk Lavra has been included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A term "lavra" represents Slavonic transliteration of Greek Λαύρα that means "crowded street of one city" and has represented the autonym of largest and most influential Orthodox male monastery residences. They're distinguished also by incomparable historic and religious importance.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Tour
Lavras' complex: surface temples

Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery complex was built on right riverbank of Dnepr. It has two united parts: Upper and Lower Lavras. They include 20 sacred facilities as well as other religions and administrative buildings. Among them the most famous and popular are:
  • Trinity Church
  • Great Lavra Belltower
  • Refectory Church
  • Church of the Exaltation of Cross;
  • All Saints Church;
  • Assumption Cathedral.

This list may be composed of many other temples and structures from which every visitor may define and set his/her own TOP favorite rate.

Underground churches and caverns

Lavras' most important and famous structures allocated in its ancient historical part – the Kiev Pechersk Lavra caves, cavern temples and necropolises. There are 2 cavern complexes at Kiev Pechersk Lavra's territory .

Length of the Near, or Anthony cavern lasts approximately for 400 meters. The sacred relics of 73 saints were preserved here at the hidden territory of 4 underground temples, including one outstanding Nativity of the Virgin Temple.

Second which is Far or Feodosiy cavern is also a 300 meters catacomb with a range of cave temples including the churches of prior Feodosiy or the Annunciation of Saint Maiden, and the Nativity Tample. Holy relics of 49 canonized saints are placed at those corridors.

Religious tourism in Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra has always been religious and pilgrim place, as well as the largest historical object. As an open air museum with its unique architecture and cultural heritage it will be interesting for all touristic groups. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra tours as well provides memorable impressions not only for Jesus followers but for every person who want to enrich his knowledge and experience.

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