Mezhyhirya Tour (Ex-President Mainson)

4-5 hours
125 EUR/

Want to visit an immense presidential villa turned into the Museum of Corruption? Interested in seeing a zoo and a collection of retro cars situated side by side? Then Mezhyhirya Tour from Kyiv is your choice!

1 guest
+for a group more then 4 persons price will be negotiated
150 EUR/
180 EUR/
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National park with rich history

Up to 2014 this territory belonged to the former president of Ukraine and was a closed object. The Revolution of Dignity changed the destiny of the mansion, so on February 23 Yanukovych residence became the Museum of Corruption.

This place is shocking with embezzlement of state money and dozens of super expensive things. By the way, it has even more astonishing history. According to the legend, this soil sheltered the first Ukrainian monastery. Founded 100 years earlier than Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, it is supposed to be the oldest in Kyiv Rus.

Religious heritage was run into the ground in 1935 when USSR politicians decided to build governmental palace in Mezhyhirya. From that moment to 2014 this property was open for limited circle of persons, so today you have an exclusive opportunity to walk through the secret territory!

Mezhihirya Residence tour options

Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
Guide will pick you up with a comfortable car to Mezhyhiriya, after the tour he will drop you off in city center or your hotel. Travel time is around 40 min one way.
Most interesting spots
We ll see zoo, golf courses, Spanish Galleon, Putin guest's house, private zoo, lakes, old monastery and Kyiv "sea". and many other places!
Entrance to the territory, Janukovich house and Retro car museum
Tickets are included in price
Free Time
Enjoy walking by your own, having picnic on golf course, making photoshooting or feeding animals in the zoo!
Breathtaking luxury

Former Victor Yanukovych house is surrounded with admirable surface full of rare artistically
trimmed trees and man-made ponds. The mansion was named "Honka" after the wood it ismade from.

Behind the five-meter fence you will find 140 hectares of land with various amenities such as:

Behind the five-meter fence you will find 140 hectares of land with various amenities such as:

- health center connected to the main house by an underground tunnel;
- bath complex that includes 3 different saunas;
- restaurant styled as a Spanish galleon;
- garage for 70 automobiles;
- laboratory to test president's food;
- golf field;
- tennis court in the open air;
- non-freezing pond with exotic fishes;
- farm with exotic animals;
- dog training center.

Inside Ukraine's Museum of Corruption you will be overwhelmed with unique facilities and rich
details of interior:

- advanced system of air filters that keeps the interior clean for ages without any efforts;
- cryogenic sauna;
- Swiss music box that costs more than $500,000;
- luxurious floor made of 17 wood species.

Wide range of opportunities

You can visit all the main sights of Mezhyhirya with our experienced guide to cut a long tour short and get maximum information or have some free time to enjoy one of the following activities:

- walking in the garden or on the golf field;

- feeding ostriches, peacocks and pheasants;

- seeing Yanukovych garage full of retro Soviet cars (elite, utility and military);

- rent of electric cars.

If you are interested in modern history of Ukraine and want to reveal many new facts of Victor
Yanukovych private life, Mezhyhirya is a real must to see for you! Order our tour and benefit from
visiting luxurious mansion and adjacent territory!

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