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What do you think of heading for a real adventure, visiting deserted places and seeing the former danger at a safe distance? We have marvelous news for you! Welcome to unforgettable Chernobyl tours from Kiev!

Do you actually know the Chernobyl disaster?

The catastrophe that turned one of the most advances USSR cities to live into abandoned wasteland dramatically influenced not only Ukrainians, but the whole Soviet Union and Europe. Nowadays the Chernobyl disaster still leaving many questions:

  • What was the true reason of the 4th reactor explosion?

  • Why did not the government supply locals with up to date accident information so the evacuation started too late?

  • What dreadful problems did liquidators face?

  • Is it possible to settle in Exclusion Zone nowadays?

With our Chernobyl guided tours you have a chance to get the true answers on these and many other questions. Opt for the desired trip, become a real stalker and discover Chernobyl Exclusion Zone!

* please pay attention you have to book this tour at least 4 days in advance!
from 89 EUR
/per person

Chernobyl Tour Options

Hotel Pick-up
Fascinating Kyiv guide picks you up in hotel and takes to meeting place of Chernobyl tour
English speaking guide
Your guide will support you during all tour and share interesting facts about Chernobyl exclusion sone
Lunch is included in price.
Memorable photos
Every photo will become amazing memory of your Chernobyl experience!
Sightseeings you never forget!
Chernobyl exclusion zone, Ghost city Prypiat, Nuclear Power plant and sarcophagus of 4th reactor, Red forest, empty villages and crazy big catfishes in river.
Check up you "must visit" list!

Sociable guides have numerous sights to show you:

  • Explore Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – 30 kilometer territory where the nature broke free from the human oppression.

  • Visit Chernobyl Power Plant with the new sarcophagus of 4th reactor – one of the most outstanding engineering constructions built in 2017. It is 165 meters high and weights more than 36 thousand tons!

  • Visit abandoned villages or meet with Chernobyl self-settlers.

  • Take a photo of the Red forest which died after getting an extreme radiation dose.

  • Discover the ghost city of Pripyat with its abandoned buildings, mournful playgrounds and the Ferris wheel.

  • See secret military objects such as the enormous radar station in the vicinity of Pripyat.

Even more reasons to go on Chernobyl tours

We made sure our clients get the best tourist experience in Chernobyl. Multiple options and safety measures are at your service. Below are some of our advantages.

Rest assured in 100% radiation safety of your trip! Some places in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone still being dangerous, but our touristic routes are checked and have harmless environment. We provide our tourists with dosimeters and respirators. Dosimetric control in held every few hours.

Learn everything you've always wanted to know about Chernobyl. Our experienced English-speaking guides will tell you hundreds of uncommon facts and stories.

Besides, we have prepared many fascinating tips to make your trip unforgettable:

  • Acquire useful skills of survival in radioactive accident necessary for every member of technogenic civilization!

  • Benefit from our hotel pick-up service: get to the starting place on time with no need to know the city well.

  • Have live communication with Chernobyl Babushkas and discover the mode of life in 30 km abandoned Zone.

  • Our tours are completely legal, so you will get a state pass.

  • Have a literal Roadside Picnic: delicious lunch in included in price.

  • Share envious photos afterwards and get plenty of bright memories to discuss!

  • Take the opportunity to feed enormous catfishes in the cooling pond!

Contact us to learn the best Chernobyl tour price, order a trip or get an individual offer!

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