Kyiv NightLifeTour

3 hours
60 EUR/
What can be better after five days of hard tiresome work than finding yourself in a bright nightclub getting rid of all accumulated stress in a hectic dance? To make your experience even more fascinating, we propose you to visit another country and get acquainted with local drinks, specialties and way to entertain. So, our unforgettable nightlife tours in Kiev (Ukraine) are at your service!
group of 1-4 persons
+for a group more then 4 persons price will be negotiated

Nothing can give you a better opportunity to feel the spirit of a new city than clubbing there all night long! Relaxing atmosphere and entrancing music will help you to break the ice with locals, make friends with them and have long hours of natural communication.

Let lambent lights of vast European city to lead you through the night full of sparkling places, genuine fun and fascinating events! Each clubbing tour promises to become an unforgettable adventure which can start in any local nightclub. Kyiv is waiting for you to present lots of unforgettable memories!

Explore the Night Side of Kyiv!

Kyiv nightlife tours are popular for many reasons:

Our clients have plenty of reasons to return and enjoy bar tours (Kyiv) once again:
life music and amazing DJs;
unique cocktails and local tangle-legs such as vodka and gorilka;
long list of entertaining places;
outgoing guides who can advise you the best specialties
and help to return to the hotel after the night adventures.
Please pay attention!
Drinks not included into the price

  • tasting flavorous dishes;

  • enjoying wide selection of popular and uncommon cocktails;

  • becoming the king or queen of the dance floor to the accompaniment of dynamic music;

  • communicating with new joyful people;

  • relaxing better than ever!

These is high concentration of nightlife spaces in the center of Kyiv. Bars rub shoulders with nightclubs, so you can visit many places located within walking distance. Have a short break and breathe fresh air before the next dive into the sea of fun and entertainment!
Kyiv nightlife tours are popular for many reasons:

Off and on our clients are keen on rock'n'roll, other times they prefer listening hip-hop or electric music. Some tourists are going to dance till all hours, others daydream of tasting local vodka and other revivers.

We can propose Kiev nightlife tour to match your taste. Choose any local nightclub, plan the all route and each shot to drink or inform us about your musical, food and behavioral preferences and let our amicable guides to select all components of your ideal evening!

Here are some of the best clubs to be visited:

  • CHI;

  • Caribbean club – the real entertainment veteran;

  • Avalon;

  • Dali Park;

  • Closer.

Individual Nightlife Tour Program: You Are the Boss!

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