Private KYIv Tour Program

On one hand, guided tours use your vacation time much more efficiently, aiding not just to walk around unknown huge city, but to visit all the best showplaces and get a lot of new information. On the other hand, you may have one of that moments need to be relished for a while without any hustle and bustle of group excursions. We united all the benefits of guided excursions with freedom and spirit of adventure that differ independent travelling! Welcome to our Kyiv private tours!

- Did not find what you want?

- Or wanna combine tours together?

- Need transfer/accommodation/private assistant?

- Having special interests?

- You are alone in Kyiv and wanna have good trustful company to spend time with?

- Need suggestions what to do and what to avoid in Kyiv?

What we've done before for the private tour requests?

Then we are happy to offer your Private Program. You will get your personal guide to assist you in Kyiv during your visit!

* Bachelor weekend in Kyiv
* Tour around Ukraine ( Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa private tours)
* Private art-classes
* Kyiv real estate investments
* Photoshooting tours
* Quest tour with engagement offer
* Horse rides and fishing camp!
* Private borsch cooking class in ukrainian family!

end much more...

Want to visit strategic missile base and then descend to the system of underground tunnels and explore the hidden river Klov? Or see the most uncommon cathedrals of Kyiv and have a long lecture on religious life in Ukraine? Maybe, prefer going to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and afterwards all night long taste local revivers like vodka and gorilka as virtual stalkers used to do?

Now you have a unique chance to plan your vacation in details (instead of opting for a standard program) and enjoy all the benefits of traveling with a professional cicerone! With our private tour guides Kyiv will reveal to you all his secrets!

What can you change in tour program? Literally everything! All the variants are possible:

You are the only manager to define your future trip!
Kiev tour program

Combine several tours and plan each curiosity to admire.

Make detailed route and discuss it with professional guide.

Personalize some of our tours with special offers and exclusive experience.

Rely on our specialists and let them plan the special trip according to your preferences and desires.

Synchronize future tour with your schedule.

Choose where to eat and when to return to the hotel. Or continue acquaintance with Kyiv after sunset!

Feel free to experiment and propose unusual variants!

Your best friend in unknown country
Explore the new city with our private tour guides! Ukraine has never been so close and
understandable! We really adore Kyiv, our team is keen on travelling and wants to give you the best experience and many bright emotions. Benefit from having a professional companion nearby who can solve every occurred problem and help in any situation.

You can fully rely on our guides in following cases:
  • hotel pick-up;

  • choosing the optimal route and getting to the point of destination;

  • currency exchange difficulties;

  • communication with locals;

  • solving unexpected problems;

  • thinking of the next place to head for, next specialty to taste and experience to enjoy;

  • finding the way back to the hotel after a long day, full of adventures.

Book your best trip to one of the biggest European cities at an attractive price! Get plenty of unforgettable memories in the capital of Ukraine with our guides, but your rules!

Apply for a private tour program!

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