Kyiv Nightlife

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One of the main features of any city is its nightlife. The capital of Ukraine boasts a variety of clubs and large scale parties with the participation of famous DJs. In this article, we'll talk about Kyiv nightlife and clubs where dance parties are held until the morning.
Unusual Kiev Night Clubs
Art Club Closer is a place that by day works as a gallery space and a cinema center, and at night it turns into a real night club with loud music and a large dance floor. On weekends, you can dance until the morning with the music of famous European DJs. The club often hosts concerts, festivals and art performances. Closer is one of the world's best locations for rave tourism according to the Electronic Beats music website. The club also entered the 20 of the best nightlife on the planet according to the Hostelworld travel blog. The schedule of parties and performances can be monitored on the club's website. This club is often included in any Kiev nightlife tour.
Plivka space works in the Dovzhenko Centre. Now they hold concerts of experimental music, poetry festivals, and "Scheme" parties. "Scheme" is a night rave in the 80s style. At that time when techno was popular in the world. At such parties, DJs are replaced by consoles, and besides music, there are still light installations. Here are united various directions in music, which enable everyone to find a suitable rhythm for themselves. You can move smoothly between electronic music, hip-hop and guitar sound without any discomfort.

Atlas is a multifunctional modern playground with a large hall, where you can find a big stage, dance floor, two bars, and a two-tier balcony. They are perfect for those who want to relax at the tables. The correct atmosphere is added by the LED screen and light installations. Rock concerts and theatrical performances, acoustics or loud parties until the morning with your favorite DJs are constantly held here — everyone will find his own. Club events are available on the website.
South Cost
Cozy beach in Kiev, where you can eat, sunbathe and dance. The Southern Coast of Kiev is a place for people who are lovers of a fun pastime. During the daytime, the South Coast is a standard urban beach. After 18:00 it turns into a real open night club. Hookah and fresh music from DJs until the morning can be considered one of the best entertainment on the South Coast. Every summer, traditional parties are held at the South Coast on Friday and Saturday (South Coast Summer Weekend) from 22:00 until dawn.

Green Theatre
The Green Theater was built on the ruins of a mid-19th-century fortification. Two retaining walls are located in front and behind and were constructed to reinforce the fortifications around the Pechersk fortress, to overlap the ravine and to cover the water tower, which at that time was located on the Dnieper bank. Currently, the complex is a summer nightclub, where periodically are hold discos and concert performances of various modern Ukrainian and foreign music groups. Almost every nightlife tour in Kiev offers this popular club.
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